Football meets the Black Forest Highlands

Experience the 2024 European Football Championship in Germany

From 14 June to 14 July, Germany will be hosting the European Football Championship this year! Combine this unique experience with the Black Forest Highlands: with its proximity to the host cities and public viewing in traditional Black Forest pubs or at the cathedral in St. Blasien, the Black Forest is the perfect place for your summer fairytale.

Got tickets for matches in Stuttgart or Munich? - How about a trip to the Black Forest? Just 2 to 4 hours away by car, the region is perfect for a visit between matches! And if you want to get in the mood for the European Championships, you can try your hand at football golf, billiards and pinball at Spass-Park Hochschwarzwald!

The 2024 European Football Championship in Germany - and in Baden-Württemberg!

Experience games live

From the football stadiums to the Black Forest

The Euros 2024 are just around the corner and offer a unique opportunity to experience Europe's best national teams live. There are two particularly attractive options near the Black Forest: Stuttgart and Munich. Combine your visit with hiking, biking or other activities in the region!

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Celebrate together

Football-Feeling at the public viewing in the Black Forest

Even though the matches are not taking place in the Black Forest, football fans in the region will not have to miss out on the unique European Championship atmosphere. In the Kurpark in St. Blasien, Germany's matches will be shown at a public viewing organised by the Stadtmusik St. Blasien. Several restaurants in the region will also be showing the matches:

    • 14. June:  Germany - Scotland at 21 o'clock
    • 19. June: Germany - Hungary at 18 o'clock
    • 23. June: Germany - Switzerland at 21 o'clock

Footballers in the Black Forest

The history of the Schlucksee

In football circles, the Schluchsee is known as the 'Schlucksee' (Lake Swallow). It was here that the German national team prepared for the 1982 World Cup in Spain. A clever hotelier convinced the German Football Association that the altitude of the Black Forest Highlands would have a positive effect. Little did they know at the time that altitude training was only effective at 1500 metres above sea level. Training was also sparse during the day. The taxi drivers profited from the national team players, who liked to visit the discos in Waldshut. It is hard to imagine now, but despite the training camp, the hotel continued to operate as normal. Players such as Rummenigge, Littbarksi, Breitner and Matthäus moved around like normal hotel guests, only with a slightly more sporting agenda.