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Hiking in the Black Forest Highlands

In the heart of the Black Forest Highlands, a nearly perfect natural idyll awaits, far from the noise and hustle of the city. Recognised as a premium hiking destination by the German Hiking Institute, the Black Forest Highlands stands out as one of Germany's finest hiking destinations. 

Embark on a journey high up to the breathtaking peaks and explore the captivating gorges of the Black Forest Highlands. Uncover the fascinating nature of the Black Forest on various hiking paths, immersing yourself in its scenic beauty.

Der einzigartige Ausblick hinab ins Tal auf dem Hirtenpfad.

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More hiking trails in the Black Forest Highlands

In addition to the Pleasure Paths, a vast array of other suggested routes awaits you. Depending on difficulty level, length, and theme, you'll discover the perfect tour for your next hiking adventure. 

Discover our high altitude climate trails that take you up to around 1000 metres above sea level, where you can improve your health and well-being while enjoying the magnificent forest and the varied panorama. 

"Somewhere between the bottom of the climb and the summit is the answer to the mystery why we climb"
(Greg Child)

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In the Black Forest Highlands, those who rest certainly don't rust. Numerous accommodations welcome weary hikers for a relaxed evening and a restful night's sleep. Have you discovered our quality hosts awarded "Wanderbares Deutschland" (Hiker-Friendly Germany)?

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Rangerin erklärt Kinder etwas über Pflanzen

Insights into Hiking

Hiking FAQs

    • For current tour planning, visit the tourist information offices in the Black Forest or check the individual routes online via our search bar.
    • You can also reach us via phone:  +49 (0) 7652 - 1206 0 or email
    • The Black Forest employs a unified hiking system introduced by the Schwarzwaldverein and Bergwacht Schwarzwald.
    • Trail markers provide precise locations and distances to guide hikers, while additional signs (diamond-shaped) indicate official paths.
    • Respect the environment by sticking to marked and paved trails.
    • Adhere to temporary closures and rules in protected areas.
    • Keep dogs on a leash, avoid unnecessary noise, and dispose of waste responsibly.
    • Familiarise yourself with the location names on trail markers, crucial for emergency services (Call: 112).
    • The premium trails features a unique kilometre marking system for improved orientation and quicker assistance in emergencies.
    • Stay on marked trails and follow rules in protected areas.
    • Carry waste to the next bin, and use toilet paper instead of tissues for quicker decomposition.
    • Avoid camping, making fires, and smoking in nature reserves.
    • Maintain a respectful distance from wildlife.
    • Adhere to these rules to preserve the pristine beauty of the Black Forest.
    • Participate in the "Wandermonitor" survey conducted by the German Hiking Institute to enhance hiking tourism.
    • Share your insights and experiences anonymously to improve hiking offerings nationwide.
    • Reach out to us at Freiburger Straße 1, 79856 Hinterzarten.
    • Call us at +49 (0) 7652 - 1206 0 or email
Thank you!

We thank the Schwarzwaldverein for their dedication in maintaining the trails, to the municipalities and forestry for their ongoing support in trail upkeep, and to the numerous private forest owners and farmers who generously provide access to their paths. A special acknowledgment goes to the Bergwacht Schwarzwald for their invaluable voluntary efforts during emergencies. Your collective contributions make the hiking experience in the Black Forest Highlands truly exceptional. Thank you!