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The best nature spots in the Black Forest

Outdoors & Nature

Rushing waterfalls, expansive lakes and steep gorges - discover the most beautiful sides of the Black Forest on a hike. The region around the Black Forest Highlands offer a unique natural panorama in the south of Germany. Most of the excursion destinations are freely accessible. Pack your backpack and explore the impressive nature of the Black Forest!

A paradise for water fans 

Crystal clear lakes

The lakes in the Black Forest Highlands are a must for nature lovers and water sports enthusiasts. 
Go for a swim or a boat trip or just enjoy the incredible nature by walking at the lake shore and discover water animals and plant species that are worth protecting. 

Water & woods

Gorges & Canyons

In addition to the Wutach Gorge, one of the most famous and largest gorges in Germany, you can also explore smaller gorges and wild streams in the Black Forest. Especially on warm summer days, the wild river valleys offer a welcome way to cool off. Tip: The best time for a gorge tour is between May and September, when the paths are clear and dry.

Views full of wonder


The Todtnau waterfall is one of the largest natural waterfalls in Germany. In additon to that you can find many smaller waterfalls in the Black Forest Highlands offer a spectacular natural spectacle. Many waterfalls can be experienced up close along the waterfall trail.

Unique places

Protected landscapes

They are habitats for numerous animal and plant species worthy of protection and have special scenic or geological features: the nature reserves in the Black Forest Highlands. To ensure that endangered species, such as the capercaillie and three-toed woodpecker, continue to thrive in their habitats, it is particularly important to stay on the paths when hiking and to take litter back home with you.

Did you know that the Feldberg nature reserve is the oldest (since 1937) and, at 42 km², the largest nature reserve in Baden-Württemberg?

As if from Jurassic world


Rare animals and botanical hunger artists are at home in the moors. Dead trees stand wonderfully in the mire and grasses grow in this damp patch of swaying earth. Fortunately, footbridges lead to the Blindensee high moor, otherwise you would not be able to get so close to this beautiful place between Schönwald and Schonach, one of the few moors still growing.

Wandern Erleber

Accommodation & activities

Discover nature

Take a bike ride along the lakes of the Black Forest Highlands or go on a hike to explore nature in it's various forms. You will discover green gorges, ancient moors, fairytale forests or thundering waterfalls. After an active day treat yourself with a delicious dinner or a relaxing wellness time. You can get a wonderful night's sleep and relax in one of more than 800 accommodations the Black Forest Highlands region. 

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