Savour local specialities

Culinary highlights

Traditional restaurants with regional products and award-winning gastronomy mean that the Black Forest Highlands offer an excellent dining experience.

A holiday in the Black Forest Highlands guarantees authenticity when it comes to the cuisine: whether it is a cosy café or a first class restaurant, the gastronomy of the region offers visitors the chance to savour local specialities. Plus as an after-dinner drink they’ll enjoy one of the many original shots from the numerous small Black Forest distilleries, often made of rare wild fruits. The famous Black Forest Cake, however, has a good shot of liquor already added to it! If guests have any food intolerance or allergy problems, most hotels have adapted to them as well as serving vegetarian fare.

Black forest cake

The world-famous Black Forest cake may be Germany’s most popular cake,  but there is no doubt that it tastes the best in the Black Forest Highlands. It is made of cream, a biscuit base, cherries & chocolate.

Black Forest ham

It is Europe´s most popular and best-selling smoked raw ham. It is prepared in the Black Forest using traditional methods and smoked over a fir-wood fire, giving it its characteristic strong, spicy flavour.

Black Forest Brägel

While Swiss rösti are already known beyond the country's borders, a variation that is a culinary delight throughout the region is always celebrated in restaurants during autumn: the Brägel.

Rothaus beer

A beer that is made in the heart of the Black Forest: the famous Rothaus beer! Glance over the master brewer’s shoulder on a tour through the Rothaus brewery and find out all about the manufacture of beer. 

Natural slow food

Nature park restaurants

Discover and enjoy the local cuisine offered by the numerous nature park restaurants. The delicious dishes are prepared using high-quality main ingredients originating from our natural park. Natural slow food instead of fast food – that is the motto of the Nature Park restaurants. The cheese from cows, sheep and goats is produced locally; the wine comes from the nearby Upper Rhine Valley, the sunniest and warmest parts of Germany where also superb asparagus grows. Why not let your customers savor slow food that’s fresh and absolutely sustainable?

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Awarded by Michelin Guide or Bib Gourmand

Awarded restaurants

The Black Forest is a great place to feast: you can enjoy traditional Black Forest cuisine in one of the many restaurants the region has to offer. Our top chefs, who have been awarded for their fine dishes by the Michelin Guide or the Bib Gourmand, conjure up enjoyment at the highest level. You can dine like a gourmet there!

A whole world of Black Forest delights

Things to do & discover

Immerse into Black Forest culinary delights in a Black Forest cake presentation, a visit at the brewery Staatsbrauerei Rothaus or a farm yard experience where you will learn how cheese is made.